Paris Update 6/17

Hi all –

We are now half-way through the mission! Since my last update, we had our second picnic, where we had two students come and gave one a french bible (his first bible ever!). He is super excited to start reading it, and even got himself a journal too!

Some other really amazing things to praise God for:

  • Last week, Emma and Cam from our team met a girl named Bev who is a believer and actively sharing her faith, and is potentially going to get involved with Agape (Cru overseas.)
  • We have had multiple students share the gospel through google translate (not letting language get the best of them!)
  • Today Ava and Cam met with someone who has a friend who she thinks would be interested in Agape because they are a Christian and feel like they are lacking community (and is also currently translating the Bible into her native language! what!!)
  • Ava and Cam met with someone else today too who has a personal relationship with God and is very interested in Agape and potentially reaching his campus with the gospel! How amazing 🙂
  • Multiple people have started to have follow-up meetings with students they have met on campus!

Those are just a few examples of how God is moving in our team, it seems like every single day he answers another prayer. Ministry here is hard, but the team is staying bold for the gospel and it’s a really amazing thing to witness. They continue to step out in faith every day on campus! It’s been one of the most encouraging aspects of this mission so far.

On our nights off this past week-ish we have gone to the Opera, Lourve, and top of the Arc de Triomphe! My friend Natasha also made a stop in Paris on her Europe trip and it was the BEST to be able to see her!

This past weekend we had our mid-summer trip (and my 21st birthday) in Marseille, France. It was a refreshing and relaxing weekend that we all really needed and really enjoyed! Here are some pictures 🙂 hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I did manage to get my phone pick-pocketed the day before we left (LOL) which was not fun, but got to enjoy a weekend without a phone and tried to make the most of it. My hope is not in worldly possesions and ultimately, it’s replaceable.

On Sunday we took the train back to Paris and I spent my birthday by the Seine at sunset 🙂 (did almost get pick-pocketed again on the way home but I was ready this time).

Overall, feeling blessed and thanking God for another amazing year and getting to celebrate it in France!

How you can be praying for our team as we finish off the last half of mission:

  • Safety and protection! We don’t want anyone else’s phone getting stolen aha
  • Health – we have had some people come down with a stomach bug
  • Motivation and boldness to continue talking to students on campus
  • That students we meet on campus will come to our picnics or want to follow up individually with people on our team during the week
  • Rest!
  • For the students we have already met this summer, and will continue to meet!

In Christ,

Josie 🙂

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