Paris Update 6/5

Hi all!

This first week and a half in Paris has been really incredible and I feel really blessed every day that the Lord gave me an opportunity to do ministry in this city. In the past week-ish we have been able to explore, get used to the metro system (I’m a pro now), visit the campuses we will be sharing on throughout these next six weeks, and start full-time ministry! The STINTers (year-long interns) in Paris have been showing us the ropes and helping us get acclimated to the new culture. We are so thankful for them and their guidance (and are really sad to see them leave!)

Here is a picture of (most of) our team on the first day after we landed!

IMG_2827 2.jpg

We have done both cultural and evangelism trainings this week, a scavenger hunt around the city & hit some hot spots – you might recognize some of them 😉 We also did prayer walks along the four campuses we will be at this summer!

The STINTers also brought us on a little tour of the city marking landmarks that have had a specific spiritual influence on the city, Notre Dame being one of them.


One of the nights we visited Sacre-Coeur and it was incredibly beautiful. For those who don’t know – it’s a basilica in Paris that sits on the top of the hill and looks out onto the city with an unbelievable view. We went in and were lucky enough to hear the nuns singing beautiful prayers. Sadly, this church has become more of a tourist attraction than something with religious significance – a common pattern I have come to see in my short time here.

IMG_2907 3

I wrote this in my journal after our time there:

The basilica itself is amazing, we went inside and the nuns were singing beautiful prayers. Then you walk out and everyones backs are turned away from the basilica (“God”) and are instead looking at the view of the city of Paris (“the world”). What is so crazy is that the basilica is so close to them. Right behind them. All they have to do is turn around, walk up some stairs, and realize the joy and fulfillment God has waiting for them.

This past weekend we got to go to a church in the city. The one I went to was all in French and the worship was by far my favorite part – so sweet to see God’s people worshiping him through songs I recognized, but in a language I’m not familiar with. A reminder we are one in Christ 🙂 I loved it lots.

We’ve also had some minor bloopers shall you say in our time here so far. My favorite being when Emma and I put our clothes in the dryer thinking it was the washer, and proceeded to try to pay in euros when you need special laundry tokens LOL.

We are now over half-way done with our first full week of ministry. Please be praying for our team, for Paris, and for the students we have met, and will continue meet this summer. Also be praying that our team stays motivated and bold in sharing the gospel!

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16

In Christ,

Josie 🙂

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