My Reaction to the Bachelor in Paradise Finale

*This post includes spoiler alerts if you haven’t watched yet*

Okay, I’m absolutely obsessed with The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. Anything with roses? Count me in.

This season disappointed me because I’m here to watch love and this season just consisted of wishy-washy relationships that I didn’t see going anywhere (and 95% of them did go nowhere). But, that other 5% GAVE ME LIFE. Also, even in the midst of my disappointment you know I was the first to the TV on Monday and Tuesday nights anyway.

Okay first, Dean. I’m so sad I feel like a mom because I was so disappointed in him this season. I’m confused on how he didn’t know he was hurting Kristina and D-Lo? UMM So obvious that flip-flopping between girls every day isn’t going to sit well with either. I just wanted him and Kristina to be together but now I’m well aware she deserves and can do much better. But still, Ugh. Dean WHY. And on the live show, he just seemed so uncomfortable, This is NOT what I spent 4 hours of my week watching to end up seeing.


Next are the classic couples we knew wouldn’t work out a.k.a. Daniel and Lacey because I think Daniel is incapable of feelings and then Amanda and Robby. I mean yikes, buddy, she just isn’t that into you!

But then, the reason why I love these shows so much FINALLY came to light.

Raven and Adam are; adorable, incredible, genuine and so sweet. I love them. So happy to see them together.

TAYLOR AND DEREK TAYLOR AND DEREK TAYLOR AND DEREK!! I finally got the proposal I needed and wow was it everything and more. The ring, simple but beautiful (goals goals goals). Such genuine words from Derek and such genuine emotion from Taylor. This is why I love weddings, proposals and just love in general. Gives me all those fuzzy feelings, you know?

Okay, enough ranting from me until January!

In love,



3 thoughts on “My Reaction to the Bachelor in Paradise Finale

  1. I love anything that involved the bachelor franchise so much. Please do weekly updates when the bachelor comes on!!!


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